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tv2nite.jpg(Tuesday, June 13, 2006) Tonight’s a bit quiet on TV, but that’s ok as you’re probably still recovering from yesterday’s full load.

On a side note: Apparently last night’s episode of Monster Garage was the series finale.  It featured an all-star team selected from among all the builders to appear on the show over the years, and was an extended episode.  If you missed it, you’re going to have to make friends with someone TiVo-equipped as we can’t find a near-term re-run. 


  • While You Were Out: Houston: Wade’s VIP Room (TLC, 6 p.m. CDT)
  • Overhaulin’: Moving Day (TLC, 7 p.m. CDT)
  • Pinks: Chevy vs. Dodge (Speed, 7:30 p.m. CDT)
  • Build or Bust: Delivery Man by Day, Bike Builder by Night (Speed, 10 p.m. CDT, repeat at midnight)

For the uninitiated: Pinks is a show where people drag race for “pink slips.”  (Yeah, titles aren’t pink here in Texas, either, but you get the idea.)  Build or Bust puts the average Joe in a well-equipped shop and gives him (or her) the chance to build a motorcycle.  It doesn’t always work out so well, and you get a chance to see first hand that the builds shown cooking-show-style on Discovery aren’t as easy as they look.

If you’re up seriously late, CMT’s replaying Monday’s Trick My Truck marathon starting at midnight tonight and running through 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. 

If you’re late to work, don’t blame us.


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