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Stabila 196e Level

You probably recognize the Stabila name, and if you’re serious about levels, you might even own one of their previous models, the 86E.  The 196E was designed to improve on the 86E with a host of modifications including:

  • two digital displays: top and side for easier reading
  • a 30% stronger frame construction: all four corners remain on the new frame with no large cut-out or twisting
  • a higher accuracy electronics module: 0.05 degrees (1/16’ in 72’) vs. 0.10 degrees (1.8” in 72”) on the 86E and competitors
  • vials which read 0.029 up and down
  • an electronic module that reads in degrees, percentage, and inches per foot (slope/pitch)
  • and a fast/easy one button calibration (the module makes 128 measurements in 3 seconds to determine level)

These new additions coupled with the returning standards of the 86E (such as 360 degree digital measuring, audible tones signaling plumb and level conditions, and endcaps that grip walls and flat surfaces) make the 196E a full featured electronic level.

The new 196E’s precision is aimed primarily at the needs of contractors.  It’s currently available in 24” and 48” inch models with 14”, 59” and 78” versions coming later this summer.

The Stabila site lists distributors where the 24” and 48” models, retailing for about $125 and $145 respectively, can be found.

196E Electronic Level [Stabila]


One Response to Stabila’s New 196E Digital Level

  1. Kevin says:

    I will wait for the laser to be added.
    This feature will be a significant improvement.

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