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We’ve heard a great deal of talk about fabrication lately but much less talk about finish out, even though we all want our projects to turn out as well as they can.  Finish out is often the difference that separates a home project from a professional-looking job.

Today we ran across a slick article offering (rare) advice on how to polish metal effectively. (Though the article focuses on molded steel, the same processes and rules still apply to other steel projects.)  The processes involved in polishing metal to a bright, gleaming, blemish-free shine can be quite impossible to achieve if you don’t know the pitfalls and common mistakes that occur in the polishing process, but for some reason there are few resources for detailed information. The author, Victor Krottner, explains:

There are no schools for mold polishing and most veteran polishers don’t want to teach the subject. Some may give a few pointers here and there, but for the most part there is no real educational institute for polishing.

According to the article, using different grit stones seems to be only a part of the learning curve. The real trick seems to be learning when to move on to the next step. The author also warns that the only real roughing period is in the first stone. The following steps are actually polishing, even when using a stone. In the end it takes hands-on experience to enable a great polished surface, but it helps to know where to start and where you’re going.

Teach Yourself Polishing [MoldMaking Technology]


3 Responses to How-To: Tips on Metal Polishing

  1. Victor Krottner says:

    My name is Victor Krottner and I wrote that article for MoldMaking Technology Magazine and I never gave you permission to republish any of my work. Where did you get this information from and who said you could use it?

    • Chris says:

      Victor: I’d suggest you read up on a thing called “fair use” and, when you’ve finished Googling that, try pulling the very prickly stick out of your ass and quit bitching about getting free publicity.


    • ambush27 says:

      It hasn’t been republished, but quoted with proper reference to the original source and author…six years ago.

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