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RotoZip Cutting ToolAs we’ve said before, we come from a long line of toolaholics, which means that our fathers want — wait for it — tools for Father’s Day. With that in mind, we’d like to remind you that Fathers day is almost upon us. (It’s next weekend.  Don’t forget.)

One slick gift item we ran across this week is the Rotozip RZ20 Spiral Saw Tool, with Jigsaw Handle and Zipmate Cutting Attachment package from Home Depot.  Think of this as a Dremel tool on steroids.

The kit includes:

  • the Zipmate ZM3 right angle cutting attachment
  • RotoZip’s new jigsaw handle
  • three zip wheels
  • and a circle cutting guide

RotoZip says the RZ20 kit allows you to cut drywall, plywood, ceramic tile, stone, concrete, steel pipe, iron and more. Hey, not a bad gift idea for that dad who needs to cut lots of different materials. 

We mentioned Home Depot because they’re having a Fathers Day sale with free shipping on orders of $49 or more until the 18th of June, so you can ship it for free.  But you’d better buy soon if you’re going planning on shipping it to Dad.  Pricing for the RotoZip RZ20 Kit qualifies for the promotion with a list price of $149.

RotoZip RZ20 Kit [The Home Depot]
RotoZip Product Site [BuyRotoZip.com]


One Response to Fathers Day Gift Idea: The Rotozip Cutting Tool

  1. Jesse says:

    I just purchased the base model RotoZip after receiving a rave review from the Home Depot employee I spoke with, and he recommended it above the die grinder I had been carrying around. I explained that I was only cutting sheet metal, and he assured me that I’d be extremely satisfied with the RotoZip. I took his word, and got home, assured that this was the perfect tool for me.

    I couldn’t have been more wrong. The base model is a glorified drill, and doesn’t even accept cutoff wheels. After three bits and 45 minutes of cursing and swearing (and 15 minutes of happily starting out, with a twinkle in my eye and infinite hope in this tool), I gave up and returned it. I cannot express my disappointment for my usage.

    For wood, drywall, around-the-house jobs, it would be a dream come true! For cutting lots of sheet metal and fabricating car parts, I realized that some Home Depot employees just don’t listen to a word you say, or don’t think through what you’re doing in the least. Just my $0.02

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