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post-crudthug.jpgWhen we saw something listed as “tool, air, crud removal” in the “new products” area of the Snap-on website, we just had to know more.

This new tool, the PT280THUGA Air Removal Tool, looks like a pneumatic angle grinder, but it’s actually designed to take a range of rotary stripping discs.  For example, a stainless steel “brush-style” disc helps remove PVC, seam sealer, rust, paint, and underbody protection.  An optional “rubber eraser” disc can be used to remove decals, pin stripes, double-sided tape, and other adhesives.

It uses Snap-on’s reliable existing planetary gear system, and spins at 3,500 RPM so it’s a little faster than your electric polisher but still slow enough to safely use with brush discs.  It routes cooling air for the motor between its housing and liner to keep its grip cool, and the grip itself helps isolate you vibration.  You can also adjust the air outlet at the rear of the tool to point it in different directions, and there’s a ten-position power/speed regulator.

When we asked, by the way, Snap-on said that the tool was originally called the “Crud Thug” — hence its unusual part number.  Personally, we love the name.  Names like this — and like Stanley’s Functional Utility Bar (“Fubar”) — stick with you and accurately describe the tool’s function.  Would you remember the “PT280 Air Removal Tool” or the “Crud Thug?”  We’d love to see more names like these.

It’s $380 from Snap-on, and it’s available now.

The PT280THUGA Air Removal Tool [PDF: Snap-on]


2 Responses to The “Crud Thug”

  1. Rocky Rhodes says:

    I need the replacement blades PH. 903-926-6078

  2. Rob Roddy says:

    Where can I find drive belts that go in the head of the Crud Thug?

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