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TiBone: Mini-14The new TiBone Mini-14 is the latest in what TiBone calls “The Next Generation of Hammers.” It’s a smaller “from-the-ground-up” version of their larger TiBone hammer, and TiBone claims you’ll experience 10 times less recoil shock than with a steel hammer.

Made entirely of titanium (!) except for the steel striking face and with the head weighing in at only 14 oz., TiBone says it drives like 24 oz. of steel. Its striking face is also interchangeable, so a milled or smooth head can be switched out either with wear or preference. The Mini-14 comes with your choice of a curved or straight handle, and it also features a side nail puller and magnetic nail starter.

It does seem to be a great leap forward in hammer design — at least in the way of materials.  All this power and excitement does not come cheap, however; at around $225 it would be by far the most expensive framing hammer we’ve ever slid into a tool belt.

TiBone Mini-14 [Stiletto Tools]
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2 Responses to Stiletto: TiBone Mini-14 Titanium Hammer

  1. Myself says:

    Backwards! Give me a steel head with a titanium striking face. Wtf were they thinking?

  2. anexplination says:

    titanium has a crystalline structure as such repetitive impacts would cause the hammer to micro fracture a steel head that can be replaced is a highly economic way of giving you super swing that does not equal a continues lose of bling

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