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Stud 4 SureThe Stud 4 Sure claims to be the world’s first no-batteries stud finder. It uses three high-strength, neo-dydium magnets — instead of the standard permanent magnets used in most magnetic stud finders today — to reliably find a drywall screw or nail and then hold itself to the wall. This is a refreshing change from drawing on the wall with a pencil and hoping you have the marks right.

With the unit able to magnetically stick to a nail embedded in a stud – through drywall – we’d keep the Stud 4 Sure way away from your home computer. 

Available for about $13 we’re going to grab one one to toss in our our toolbox (or stick to the outside of it).

Stud 4 Sure [Mcfreely’s]


One Response to World’s First No-Batteries Stud Finder

  1. Daniel says:

    it takes alot more than some little ‘high-strength’ magnets to ever cause problems with a computer… Mythbusters should cover this one day.

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