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Estwing EWF21 HammerAt first glance, the sleek styling scores high on the “cool factor,” but after a bit of examination, the thought behind the design comes into focus. The EWF21 features a 21oz. forged steel head with an extended shank that is bonded and bolted to the cranked fiberglass handle.  This helps to ensure a permanent head and handle connection.

The goal of this new design was to achieve greater power and less shock. To deliver the most force to the target, the striking face is located closer than usual to the centerline of the handle/hammerhead interface, bringing the weight forward to the head. To reduce shock and vibration the handle was curved, and it was extended to maximize striking force, requiring fewer hits to drive the target.

Web pricing starts at around $35.

Estwing EWF21 Weight Forward Hammer [Estwing]


8 Responses to Estwing EWF21 Weight Forward Hammer

  1. Nathaniel Wildebuer says:

    I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Abput a year a go my hand doctor recomended I try Estwings weight forward hammer to try and reduce stress put on my hands during my construction job.
    I FELL INSTANTLY IN LOVE WITH THE HAMMER. By useing this hammer I was able to hammer longer and more efficiently than ever before. This hammer should be recomended to any one!

  2. Matt Lapointe says:

    I’ve got one that I used to build my house, it’s great for driving big nails (heavy with a large striking head) but it’s extremely frustrating when trying to drive a nail in a difficult spot because the striking face is almost flush with the handle, I eventually stopped using mine, however I am very satisfied with all the other Estwings I own.

  3. Remco de Ket says:

    I bought a 17oz one on special because it’s an Estwing and I love my other Estwings hammers. I’ve found the weight forward Estwing a very frustrating hammer to use and it is easily the worst in my arsenal of hammers. Maybe there is a special technique to using it that I just can’t get. In any case I hardly ever use it now and I consider it a gross waste of money.

  4. Mike E says:

    I’ve owned a weight forward hammer for years, bought the first one i ever saw because it was unique looking, by far the BEST tool I’ve bought. I rarely use any other hammer great hammer, great design.. those of you that don’t like yours let me know and ill be happy to take them off your hands

  5. alfred says:

    I do a lot of concrete forming and drive a lot of big (12d and 16d duplex) nails by hand. For years I used a standard Estwing 22 oz. framer and it started taking quite a toll on my hand. For this last job, i decided to try a “modern” hammer and since I’d always used Estwing, I tried their weight forward model.
    I love the way this hammer feels. I know a lot of people have a hard time adjusting to it but after about one day with it (about 1000 drives) I fell in love with it.

    Most of the weight is in the head so it reduces fatigue at awkward angles as compared to a full steel hammer.

    It feels like it swings light compared to a full steel hammer of about the same weight.

    The rip claw is too wide to pull nails in tight places.

    It feels a little fragile. I still carry my standard Estwing for dirty work, demo, and pulling.

    The handle is not easily replaceable.

    I like the idea, but, if I were to make it (in my special imaginary hammer factory) I would use a heavier head and a hickory handle attached with allen bolts that could be easily replaced (like a Douglas).

  6. flatwork fool says:

    I am a concrete guy, and have used this hammer for years. I can pound 18″ stakes into the ground just as fast as guys that are swinging 3# sledges. There is also no “ping” that is almost always associated with other steel shanked hammers. The only downfall is when breaking overhead ties, the unique curved shape of the handle tends to bend them rather than snapping them off cleanly. Love this tool, and will probably swing one until I am too crippled to do so.

  7. Gary says:

    I only use my weight forward for demo work. I keep my other Estwing for finishing.

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