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post-hitachids.jpgHitachi wants to help save your back — if you’re a subfloor, decking, or drywall installer, that is.  Their new W6V4SD (gotta love those Hitachi product numbers) SuperDrive Collated Screw System is a low-power corded drill with a 20″ special extension to make driving drywall screws a breeze.

The drill’s 81.5 in-lbs. torque rating is fine for fastener driving, and its 6.6A motor should stand up to heavy contractor use.  But what really makes the system cool is its SuperDrive module, which can fasten 3/4″ to 3″ screws without swapping attachments.  The module also uses the Makita’s LOX bit system, which provides 8 contact points between the bit and screw to perform the same fastening tasks with less user downpressure.

The drill, extension, and SuperDrive module are all covered in a soft elastomer compound, which provides a solid and comfortable grip.

Street pricing starts around $255.

The W6V4SD 4,500 RPM SuperDrive Collated Screw System [Hitachi-Koki]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Install Subfloor, Decking, and Drywall Screws While Standing Up

  1. Lucas says:

    The system is great! Super easy to use its also less cumbersome than other collated systems. it really seems that the SUPERDRIVE line focuses on making a tool that works consistently and doesn’t waste time trying to make it look cool with attachments and gizmo’s
    P.S the “LOX drive” is not owned by Makita, LOX is a separate company owned by John Wagner the inventor of the LOX or “Wagner bit” if you will. John Wagner also is the founder of GRABBER construction products and SUPERDRIVE. Hitachi just has a line of tools with the SUPERDRIVE system on them, SUPERDRIVE also has a line of tools with a Makita screw gun and With the Grabber screw guns. Its actually a very impressive line of tools with vast applications from roof stitch to sub floor you can check it out at there website http://www.superdrive.com

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