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We’ve all wanted sharks with “frickin’ laser beams on their heads” at one time or another, and tool companies have read our minds and responded in force with a mass of new laser-guided cutting tools.  But Skil’s upping the ante with the release of their LaserX2 circular saw with not one, but (count ’em) TWO lasers on-board. 

Kidding aside, the LaserX2 is a pretty slick idea.  The two laser beams shine in parallel and the area between them is the section of material that’ll be lost to the blade.  So, no more struggling to remember whether or not to cut on the left or right side of the line — just place the mid-beam area wherever you’re not going to mind losing it.

In addition to its abundance of lasers, the 5755 also features an anti-snag lower guard to reduce hang-ups on narrow cutoffs, a spindle lock to ease blade changes, and rear depth adjustment to make identifying the depth of cut simple.

It’s got a 2.5 HP, 13A motor and a 7 1/4″ blade and will carry a suggested retail price of $79.99 when it ships this July.


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