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post-bdstormstation2.jpgAs of June 1 it’s hurricane season, and we’ve already seen our share of tornadoes here in Texas.  With that in mind, we’ve got a couple of more detailed articles coming up on tools to help you weather the storm.  In the meantime, however, we couldn’t help telling you about the Black & Decker Storm Station.

The Storm Station uses an internal rechargeable battery and a 25-watt inverter to provide both a low-power AC and 12V power source to help get you through brief power outages.  It’s also got a built-in room light, a detachable, rechargeable flashlight, and a built-in AM/FM/TV (audio only) tuner.

The idea here is that when the power goes off during the initial stages of a storm — as it often does — the Storm Station can a) turn a light on automatically so you can see to find it, b) give you access to local radio and TV news about what’s happening, and c) power a cordless phone or charge your cell phone to keep you in touch.

All in all it appears to be a slick little unit.  Street pricing starts right around $100.

The Storm Station [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Fazgood says:

    Had one…

    Reviewed it here.

    Took it back


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