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DR Universal Saw SupportDR Power Equipment wants to save you the hassle of buying a stand for each of your “portable” power tools by selling you their universal saw support, which is designed to hold up anything from a miter saw to a band saw or planer.  Though we haven’t hand our hands on one of these yet, it looks like it’d fill the bill.

Clamp-style “universal machinery mounts” snap securely to the aluminum top and hold the equipment in place, and adjustable extension arms can also be fitted to support materials up to 16′ in length. Some other features listed include:

  • a 15-amp “outlet center” with 4 power outlets
  • a main table frame that will support up to 500 pounds
  • 3 adjustable material supports with rollers
  • folding legs and 8″ wheel for easy transport

Its “fold up and store away” design scores high with us in terms of the garage space factor, though $299 (direct) is a bit pricey for a stand when you consider that you can get a pretty decent miter saw for that.

The Universal Saw Support [DR Power Equipment]


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