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post-starrett799.jpgStarrett’s 797 caliper is a well-known workhorse in the digital dial caliper market, but it’s a little pricey for some users.  Now Starrett has released a less-expensive (but just as accurate) version called the 799.

The 799 is essentially a 797 without immersion protection (IP) designed to protect the device from direct water or fluid spray and without the 799’s built-in data port to enable output of readings to a PC or remote data collection device.

The 799 still meets Starrett’s high quality standards, and should last for years.  (For example, we still have Starrett micrometers handed down to us from previous generations of toolaholics.)

Resolution is .0005″ (0.01mm), and the 799 reads in inches or millimeters.  It’s available in 6″ and 8″ models.

Street pricing starts around $100 for the 799 (as opposed to $160 or more for the 799, so if you’re not using it in a harsh environment and don’t need data output — as many home shops won’t — why not save the $60?

The 799 Electronic Caliper [Starrett]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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