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Crimping ToolNetwork cable crimpers can vary wildy in price. We found that the top end (within reason) checks in around $50 while the norm seems to be about $25. The KS-316 Crimper can be used on RJ-11 (1, 2, and 3 pair) and RJ-45 (4 pair) modular plugs.

It comes with all standard crimper features: a cutting blade, stripping slots, and crimping ports. So, once the cable is in hand, you won’t have to put the tool down to finish the patch cable.  All in all, it would make a good addition to a home networking toolkit for the $5 pricetag.

KS-316 Modular Crimping Tool [gogocost.com]


One Response to Low-Cost Cable Crimper

  1. Myself says:

    Folks cheap enough to buy a $5 crimper are probably also too cheap to own a $70 tester. This can only end in frustration. A poorly machined crimp die usually results in uneven crimps, such that the contacts don’t pierce the insulation on every pin, every time. A connection where the contact just nicks the conductor might look good at first, but will fail with time and mechanical stress. No fun at all, especially if you don’t have the equipment to diagnose it.

    Seriously, spend $20 and get some decent crimpers from a reputable vendor with a good return policy. The hair you save may be your own.

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