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Bike Repair KitLillian Vernon takes a practical approach to bicycle repair with this repair kit.  The water-bottle form factor means that your repair kit can be loaded onto the bike without much modification or a great deal of effort since most come already equipped with a bottle holder.

The toolkit includes: a bit screwdriver handle, a 6-15mm ball wrench set, 6 driver bits (slotted and Phillips), 3 hex key wrenches, 2 tire levers, and a tire patch kit with glue.  It’s pretty basic, but should handle most small emergency repairs while out on the trail or away from the garage — thus saving you having to walk back lugging a wounded bicycle on your shoulder.

It sells for $19.98 direct.

Bike Repair Kit [Lillian Vernon]


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  1. Pierre says:

    I am looking for one just like it,do you know where I can buy it?

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