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SwissMemory 1GBAlways out in front of the field, Victorinox (better known as Swiss Army) has fashioned a usb key drive into one of their famous knives. The SwissMemory 1Gb is exactly what it sounds like: a pen knife cabable of storing 1 Gb worth of digital data and still providing:

  • a blade
  • a nail file with screwdriver
  • scissors
  • a key ring
  • an LED mini light
  • and a retractable ball point pen

Windows 98 Drivers for the unit are available on the SwissArmy site, but considering the SwissMemory 1 Gb rolls in at $197, you might be better off just buying a Windows 98 machine to keep wherever you’re going.  At least at that price you’ll probably be the only person you know with one of these knives.

SwissMemory 1Gb [Swiss Army.com]

Update: Yeah, we know — two multi-knife articles in a row.  We just saw this one and couldn’t pass up dropping it on the site.  We promise we’re not becoming “Knifemonger.”  Really.


9 Responses to Victorinox’s 1-Gb Pocketknife: How NOT to Carry Your Data Through the Airport

  1. LOL…what retailers are selling this?

  2. Glenn says:

    The thumb drive is removable. So, leave the knife in your car/at home when you go to the airport.

  3. wvpv says:

    Yeah, but why keep a USB drive without a lid in your pocket?? I’ll keep my Swiss Army Knife and USB drive separate, I think.

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