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post-orionversatool.jpgWe play around with backyard astronomy from time to time, and saw this in the Orion Telescopes catalog.  While it’s designed primarily for the owners of Orion telescopes, we can’t help but think this would be a very reasonably-priced multi-tool for anyone to use around the shop.

For $24.95 (direct), you get:

  • a multi-driver
  • a can opener
  • a small flat-head screwdriver
  • an optics brush
  • a large Phillips screwdriver
  • an awl punch
  • a 13mm wrench
  • a 10mm wrench
  • a 7/16″ wrench
  • a writing pen
  • a large flat-head screwdriver
  • a bottle opener
  • pliers
  • a large/small standard screw driver bit
  • a large/small Phillips screwdriver bit
  • a 2mm/3mm hex bit (x2)
  • a knife
  • and a red LED flashlight

That’s considerably cheaper than most of the multi-tools we’ve seen, and that’s also a pretty unique combination of tools.  It comes with a Batman-belt-mountable carrying case, plus an optics cleaning cloth.

Astronomer’s VersaTool [Orion Telescopes]


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