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post-plugsocket.jpgSometimes getting at the spark plugs on modern cars (or older muscle cars as well) can be a real trick.  Along with the digital torque & angle wrench we wrote about yesterday, Snap-On recently released a low-profile spark plug socket that we’re definitely going to check out.

The idea behind the low-profile spark plug socket is that it’s not intended to be used with a standard ratchet.  Instead, both ends of the socket are open and the spark plug can extend right through the socket.  The end that would normally attach to a ratchet is instead cut to fit a 7/8″ external hex drive.  You could drive it with a 7/8″ socket, or in really tight quarters you can turn it with a 7/8″ open- or box-ended wrench.

Snap-On also touts the socket’s “patented tapered hex design” to retain the spark plug securely without a rubber insert or a magnet. 

Starting at $25, this will be a great tool to own.

The Low-Profile Spark Plug Socket [PDF – Snap-On]


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