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Designed specifically to save time when tightening engine head bolts, Snap-On’s new TechAngle torque and angle wrench digitally displays torque in in-lbs., ft-lbs., and Nm as well as angles at the touch of a button. The wrench sports an angle accuracy of +/- 1%, a sealed keypad to keep out dust and grit, and a high-strength sealed flex-head ratchet that moves 15 degrees in both directions. 

Snap-On claims that this high-tech alternative to the standard torque/angle gauge can save you between two and five minutes per head bolt, which can mean money in your pocket if you’re making your living with it.  (Or, if you’re a hobbyist it means more time driving and less time rebuilding.)

List price is $405.

The TechAngle Torque & Angle Wrench [PDF – Snap-On]


2 Responses to Snap-On TechAngle Torque & Angle Wrench

  1. Jesse Lyons says:

    Have this torque (3/8) but got it for way cheaper brand new. The flex head works out great when your in those confine spaces where a bolt that has to be torque. The LCD shows the torque during and when your done. This also goes for when your using the angle gauge. The angle gauge is also good. It starts when torque is apply. Not when you get the flimsy play. Its right on target.

    The only thing you might need to get used to is the vibration and beep, compare to when your using a clicker style torque. But I could say this. My friend loves this tool because it easier to use then the a regular torque wrench.

  2. brian abernathy says:

    I bought the 3/8 5-100ft version to do a timing belt job on a VW which had tight spaces and lots of TTY bolts. While the features look good on paper, I found the angle feature very unreliable. Sometimes it would not register angle change when it was occurring on a 15 ft\lb nut. If you have say a 45, 50, for 60ft\lb + 90 degree turn, It won’t work because the end torque will likely be above the 100ft\lb max at which point it will likely reset on you leaving you with an unknown angle. Another design flaw is it can’t take into account any flex/play in the socket/extension like when I was able to repeatedly get a 12 degree rotation (according to the wrench) on a 6mm alan head socket at around 47ft/lbs without actually rotating the bolt. And sometimes it just resets in the middle of an angle measurement for no reason I could fathom. The end result is I just couldn’t trust the wrench and had to use another method. I plan to resale the wrench and get a split beam type + angle guage.

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