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post-excelerator.gifWith the release of their Excelerator model, Genie claims to sell the fastest garage door opener on the market.

Is it the fastest?  We can’t say.  A lot of factors affect the answer to that question, including the weight and structure of the door to which it’s bolted as well as the specifics of the mount and even whether or not the owner has pets or children.  We can say however, that we’ve had experience installing screw-type openers and compared to other types they’re incredibly fast and quiet.

Other features (that might be more germane to your garage experience than its speed alone) include:

  • a flush mount design that helps in low clearance applications (read: you have a Hummer H2 and a normal garage)
  • bright lighting from two 60-watt bulbs
  • and a super duty 1/2 HP DC motor to handle heavy doors

Street pricing starts around $250.

The Excelerator Garage Door Opener [Genie]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


31 Responses to The Genie Excelerator: The Fastest Garage Door Opener?

  1. Robert Liles says:

    I’ve had my Accelerator for a year or two, and it is fast and quiet. Be sure your garage door is properly set up and operates smoothly, because the higher speed will amplify any problems with it.
    Note: it opens twice as fast as any other operator, but closes slowly. I am thinking about disabling the photo cell that detects an obstruction. Many times I have backed out and started to drive off and then seen the door reverse and go back up because my cat made a last second dash under the door and triggered the photo cell. I have to wait until the door is completly closed to be sure it is down.

  2. JoshMaz says:

    Keep your eye open for sales on these as well. I was able to pick up two of them for just a few dollars more than the standard speed ones. I was skeptical when I saw the price and thought it was a discontinued product clearance, but the guy at the `po says they drop the price pretty regularly. They were easy to install and I’ve been very happy with them. As for disabling any safety feature, don’t do it! The normal-speed closing hasn’t really been an issue, but it’s always a good idea to be sure it’s done closing before driving away.

  3. S. Greer says:

    We have had the same problem with the door reversing itself when closing, and just today the door started closing all the way and then immediately opening itself back up, with nothing in the way to trigger the sensors. I called Genie, didn’t get very good service with the first representative (she told me just to call back when I had done what she wanted me to do instead of staying on the phone with me), but when I called back and spoke to the second representative, he stayed on the phone the entire time. It has been determined that I have a bad down limit sensor that is making the door open on its own and they are mailing another one since we have lifetime parts and motor warranty.

  4. D. Eitel says:

    Warning, I have had a bad experience with this company. After buying a new Genie opener from Sears and having it proffessionaly installed by a garage door company, it was determnined that a motor drive board needed replacing. When I contacted Genie, they sent a new board but would not pay to get the service man back out to my house. I had the service man come and install the new board. It still did not work. This time it was determined that the whole motor head needed replacing and although Genie would send me a new head, again thay will not pay to have the service man come back out to install the replacement. Am I wrong to think that Genie should pay for these service calls. If they had sold me a quality product in the first place I would not have had these problems. My next garage door opener will not be a Genie and I suggest you think twice before buying one.

    • Walter White says:

      If you do not have the skills to install a unit, why would you think you know that a board needs replacing? Was it you standing on the floor, or the installer who decided that they are micro electronics specialists? I also do not understand your expectation that buying something requiring [third party] labor entitles you to free labor for the life of the product after installation.

  5. kelly says:

    Warning! Warning! I have had my garage door opener up and running for two hole weeks now. It is a Genie Quietlift 2040 Belt Driven. The belt snapped and the door came crashing down just as my wife pulled out. Thank god it didn’t come down on her car or one of the children or anyone who could have been walking out the door. Again the belt snapped, it is not a solid rubber belt. It is connected to the bullet with wire and the wires broke.

    • Walter White says:

      What you bought and your comments do not apply to this product, so why are you posting? Apples and oranges, Kelly. This unit is a screw drive!

    • Curtis says:

      I am not a fan of genie products, but I know that if a part on the motor broke, and the door came crashing down it was an issue with the door not the motor. The springs or counter balance system should have balanced the door even with the motor disconnected.

  6. Frank says:

    I have three of these on three doors (two 8’x12′ and on 12′ x 12′) and they are great. One has started acting up by not opening unless I tend it by telling it to open several times. I see this is a common problem and it should not be a difficult fix. I have had them for two years now and it is great to have it open so fast. BTW, kelly is confused as to what a garage door opener is. If the garage door comes crashing down, it was not a problem with the opener, but a broken garage door counterbalance spring. DUH!

    • Marvin McConoughey says:

      Frank, your statement is correct if one assumes a truly linear opening or closing force of the door assembly. My own experience 26 June 2015 shows that this is not always the case. When our door opener failed I began raising and lowering the 16-foot garage door manually, having disconnected the motor drive. The door requires, first, a very firm pull to roll it down partway, then there is a small amount of movement where the door appears to be in a neutral zone where only normal friction has to be overcome, then for the last part of closure, the door feels very heavy again and one must exert force to prevent it from crashing down to its final down position. Perhaps the engineering finesse put into garage doors openers is not intended to create a perfectly linear system but only one that is good enough to be managed by door openers. Our door has been in operation for 34 years with the same old Stanley door opener. Our replacement, this coming Monday, will be a Model 4024 Genie which is quieter and faster. Incidentally, the old door and opener has been periodically serviced and adjusted by the local door company and operated perfectly until the electronics package failed.

  7. Matt H. says:

    Genie used to be a great company, but in more recent years, has been a real pain about discontinuing parts too quickly for machines that are, in reality, not old enough to have ANY of their parts discontinued. About the only part you can still get for ANY Genie screw is the carriage or the starting capacitor. Boards for openers that are only 6 years old have been dropped. I currently have a Genie QuietLift on my door, and while I like it, this is the second one. The first one I bought at Lo’s, got it home, it had a cracked cover, but I installed it anyway thinking the damage was only cosmetic. After I had installed everything and went to test the opener and set the force, I realised there was more wrong. It had no power to move the door. The board was damaged. I suspect some stocker smacked it with the forklift. I will say they gave me no issue on replacing it, and I’ve had no troubles with this one.
    To respond to some of your notes:
    Robert: There is no way to disable the photosensors on this or any newer opener. Federal law requires they be installed, and all professionals will install them as required. However, I have been to a few where the pets were an issuse, as you’d mentioned with your cat, the customer had mounted the sensors behind the motorhead. But I’m not saying I recommend that.
    Greer: You must have boght the high-end unit. The limits have been problems from the get-go. You should only have to replace it once. My understanding was there was a bad batch. Kinda like the Motorola Razr phones.
    D. Eitel: You should have been able to contact Sears if that’s where you bought it, and they should have handled getting the replacement parts AND installing them at no charge to you. Since they are the seller of the machine, they do have some warranty on it. But never the less, the bad part is definitely Genie’s flub-up. Overall I am not pleased with Genie anymore.
    Kelly: Did the spring break when the belt broke, or did it just snap? You are correct, the belt is not a solid rubber, it’s got Kevlar embedded in it, altho I’m not sure that is much help with an older wooden door.
    Frank: I have actually heard of belt breakage for no apparent reason, but having a spring pop somewhere in the process is the most usual. My call yesterday was for a slipped cable, but it turned out the spring was broken.

    Basically, I won’t buy another Genie. If you want a GOOD, RELIABLE opener, go with Lift-Master on the professionally installed end, or Sears if you’re a DIY’er. They have better options, better accessories, and they don’t discontinue parts after 5 years.

  8. roy says:

    Niether Sears nor Genie should have to pay to have the parts installed. if you purchased from sears you had the option to have the “in home” warranty, if you chose not to get that then it is your tough luck. (this is the same for pretty much all companies. they will warranty the parts but not labor.) yes there is a lifetime warranty but that is for the parts. liftmaster has the same policy.
    I have had my excelerator for s years now and LOVE it. it is very quick and quiet. however you must ensure that your door runs smoothly up and downand that it is balanced correctly. the lubrication on my door got a little dry and so the opener was closing jerky and sometimes not closing at all. some lube to the door fixed that problem. we have a total of 3 excellerators and 2 regulars and all work fine but the excellerators are so much better.
    I have liftmasters in my new house and let me tell you I miss the speed of the genie. you get so used to the opening speed of the excelerator that the closing speed and any other opener seems like they just crawl along.

  9. If you are uncertain of your abilities to install a garage door opener or having recourse if something goes wrong with the garage door opener, call a residential garage door company to do the install for you.

  10. Dawn says:

    Ive had a Genie H8000 installed for 6 months. It was installed by Overhead Doors which is owned by Genie as well. I’ve had to troubleshoot my door 9 times now. For whatever reason, the door will not open or not close. Not all the time…just when it is the most inconvient time. Genie has replaced the circuit board once. Everything seemed fine until today. The door wouldnt close. They walked me thru 1 1/2 hours of troubleshooting. It worked. Three hours later, it didnt. I think it is a lemon and want a new one. Genie seems to think otherwise. I will never buy another Genie. Their level 3 people are horrid. Maybe its due to this inferior product and they are tired of taking calls from people that are just fed up. I do believe they should cover 1 year parts and labor. What is wrong with us when we believe we have to buy a warranty when we purchase a new product. What has happened to quality.

  11. Tre' says:

    I’ve had a Genie Excelerator for a couple of years now. Never had a problem. If you keep having problems, it wasn’t installed correctly, user error, or your garage door isn’t traveling smoothly. Since this opener is twice as fast as normal openers, there the safety systems are extremely sensitive…so your door must open freely and be properly balanced via the springs above the door.

  12. Bob says:

    I have a Genie H8000, with a weird trouble, evey once in a while when you close it, the light stay on and the door will be dead, you have to power down and it will work for a bit and it doers it again, Genie has been great, we replace both boards, and then a new unit, works for a while and then does the same thing, it also blinks 9 time, the trouble manual only goes to 8, I don’t know what to do next, any “HELP” out there ?

    • Shawn says:

      Identical problem. The Customer Service Rep just wouldn’t believe that it was blinking nine times. She was absolutely sure I was miscounting.

      Same symptoms, but unplugging it isn’t helping me.

  13. Paul says:

    I own two Excellerator models from Genie and have had similar issues to what others have experienced. My home is newer (5 years) with lightweight aluminum doors. Both openers work perfectly throughout the Winter, but as soon as Summer kicks in, they start to act up. Yes, I’ve checked the movement of the doors – very clean and smooth year round. But, BOTH openers have the same problem of opening the door erratically from day to day or week to week. I unplug it (one light blink) and it works again. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a week. But, then it kicks in again. The door will raise EXTREMELY slowly – this is after the self calibration period, and truly runs about one fourth the ‘slow’ calibration speed. Other times it will go down or up at TWICE the normal fast speed. Yes, it will go DOWN at a super fast speed! I can’t imaging that happenning with my kids anywhere near the garage door, it would crush them, because it doesn’t stop or slow down until it bottoms out against the garage floor.

    Eventually the Genie Excellerator just stops working altogether and requires me to disengage the door from the lift and raise the door manually, back my car out, get a ladder, unplug/replug the opener, then reconnect my door to the lift.

    Once again – not with ONE opener, but TWO openers and ONLY during the Summer in the Washington DC area where it gets to around 95-100 on the warmer days, but certainly is not out of the ordinary for normal garage door use.

    I’ve adjusted the power settings on the head – no difference.

    I’m going to give Genie a call, but I wanted to pass on that I’ve read several experiences from others who have had this issue and some companies seem to be posting that it must be an ‘install’ error. This is not an install error, the is a poor product. We’ll see if Genie responds.

  14. Nick Smith says:

    I have a similar problem with a Genie Excelerator. Lately (Summer) it will cease to operate during the night??? The next morning, the opener button will turn on the light but the motor will not run. I spent 2hrs yesterday on hold with Genie to trying to get some information. The best they could advise was to replace the power head (DUH!) they had no technical information and would not transfer me to anyone who had! (I’m and EE so I’m sure I could figure out what was going on with a simple circuit description.) The only thing I could think of was that it was a head problem which migrated to the sensor after the unit was not operating. They assured me that there is a heat sensor in the motor which will turn off the drive but the power must be off for 30 minutes to reset. This morning when I went out, The up and down button was confused with the light button, it would turn on and off the light but would not activate the motor (usually the light stays on for 10 minutes after this button is pushed). Once again, turning the unit off for 5 seconds reset it and it worked fine. My current theory is a bad control board?? Any help?

  15. Tony M says:

    I bought a new house in 2003 and right away installed a new Genie Excelerator. I had to have the best of the best. It worked flawlessly for about 5 years. Over the period of the last 3 years (only in the winter – weird) I have issues with the unit starting and stopping in both up and down positions. Each winter I call Genie, they send me a new Controller board. Then this year more problems, seems the motor itself is going bad. They send me an all new power head. I install this one and it ran beautifully for a week, that was it. After then, it stopped again. I unplugged it, plug it back in and it runs in the up direction at TOP SPEED. The first time it took the carriage and rammed it into the head unit. They have sent me countless new boards since then (Controller and motor boards) and still the same thing. Level 3 support has claimed they’ve never heard of this. Level 1 support was way more helpful in the past than these guys. I’ve spent countless hours on phone support, paid all kinds of “shipping charges” on parts, spent at least 4 hours on the ladder replacing parts (this year anyways) and have been without an opener in the coldest months of the year here. I think I’ll part everything out so I can afford another brand of opener. Never again Genie.

  16. Eric B. says:

    My opener acts the same as Paul’s. Bought my first Genie H8000 and installed it myself, worked fine for a week, then nothing. Took it back to Home Depot and exchanged it. Had a professional installer install it, who told me that there was nothing wrong with installation of the initial unit at all. This new unit occasionally (about 1/10 the time) opens slowly (1/4 speed) year around, is much worse at the temperature reaches 90 degrees (Colorado), and Genie always has a bogus answer for it: door spring strength, binding rails, incorrect angle of the opener/screw, incorrect force adjustments, sunlight shining on a safety sensor (either), dust on the sensors, grounding on the unit, etc. Not a single one of these have ever been the issue, nor has any of their suggestions reduced the issue. I can raise and lower the door by hand, so easily and smooth that it can be done with only 2 fingers. I definitely won’t EVER buy another Genie lift.

    • Arthur Wicks says:

      Mine has been doing the same for 10 years. Circuit boards & whole motor assembly has been changed. Mine acts up in all temps. Genie says a loose connection in power supply or low voltage. Had electrician check connections and install new plug receptical, no change. Power company installed a data logger on their voltage input for a week, everything within specs.

  17. Linda Combs says:

    I have a Genie H8000D. Wall opener works great as well as the outside panel however, I recently purchased a new Genie Remote and I have to press it numerous times to operate. Also, I can’t get it to program with my new Buick Lacross. All the lights blink slow fast as they should but door won’t move. I also did the manuel way by pressing the learn button on unit itself. Seems as though it isn’t picking up the blue tooth aspect. Any advice short of replacing the unit?

  18. Rick Smith says:

    Keep your cat indoors where he belongs, Robert

  19. Dan M says:

    Not much activity lately? Well, I’ll post anyway and who knows. So, we’ve how our Genie Excl. for over 10 years now. Replaced the motor control board once (bad relays). A while ago it would start moving faster than normal, but then shudders to a stop a couple seconds later (like what Tom M reported in 3-2011). Up or down. After stopping, it also was unresponsive with an error code blinking and had to be unplugged and restarted to try again… only to have the same thing happen again and again. Opened it up and turned out that the plastic speed sensor wheel on the end of the motor shaft had cracked somehow and fell off. It didn’t look like it needed much to stay on, so I wrapped some duct tape around the wheel base and sure enough, the opener started working again. Fast forward two years and the opener started making a rattling sound when in use, but kept working for a couple days (I was going to get to it!) till it (again) started with the fast moving and sudden stopping. I figured it was the wheel again. Opened it up and turned out the tape had sagged/slipped and the wheel had been scraping against the sensor it passes through. So this time I bought a new wheel… only it didn’t make a difference. I though maybe the sensor was damaged, but except for some scratching on the base, it seems fine. Any ideas what might be wrong? As the wheel was rubbing against the sensor, it seem the whole board was being roughly shaken every time the motor engaged.

    • Dan M says:

      er… I just read it again and while similar to what happened to Tony (not Tom) M., it’s different as his wasn’t stopping.

  20. Crosby says:

    My issue is EXACTLY what Paul described. Genie cust svc is sending 2 circuit boards for the fix. I r the problem for while (but not in winter, of course!). Reading some posts here does any one think the wheel mentioned my also be damaged from some of the rapid raising ups? should I ask for that part too? Any thoughts appreciated. It’s a genie model H8000 2k excelerator installed 2009.

  21. Eric says:

    I installed 2 H8000’s several years ago. One still works fine but the other will only open very very slowly. Unplugging did not do anything but only unplugged and plugged back in a few minutes. Sent an email to Genie support. I am not holding my breath. I will try unplugging for a 1/5 hour to see if that resets anything.

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