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Gorilla GlueVersatility and options are the difference between a good project and a pile of dusty scrap in the shop. Gorilla Glue is a solid versatile weapon in the fight against the dusty scrap outcome.  Gorilla glue bonds with wood, stone, metal, ceramics, Corian and styrofoam.  It’s also waterproof.

We’ve used Gorilla Glue in our household projects for the last year or so. While it doesn’t (in our experience) bond particularly well with all plastics, we can report that wood, metal, and stone do, when combined with Gorilla Glue, indeed dry to become a permenantly bonded pair.  It can also be washed off of your hands before they are glued together — ask us how we know — which is high on our list of what makes a glue product a good buy.

Gorilla Glue can be found at almost any hardware center for around $4.

Gorilla Glue Products [Gorilla Tough]


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