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post-festool.jpgWith the TS 55 EQ circular saw, the German company Festool claims to “bring the accuracy of a panel saw to any site” through two unique features: the EQ’s 55″ guide rail, which gives you 30+” more guide rail than with other circular saws, and its retractable blade design which — as opposed to the standard pendulum-type retractable blade cover — allows you to make plunge cuts.  Essentially you can start and end your cut anywhere in the material, which means you can use the EQ to cut apertures and false joints.

Other features include:

  • a detachable power cord which can be replaced if damaged
  • a rotating dust extractor connector
  • a spring loaded riving knife which retracts into the housing automatically during plunge cuts
  • and an advanced motor control electronics to provide soft start, constant speed under load, stepless speed adjustment, and temperature- and current-triggered overload protection

The TS 55 EQ lists for $430, and street pricing is similar.

The Circular Saw TS 55 EQ [Festool]


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  1. kamal jan says:

    please i would like to buy one set of the ( TS 55 EQ ) soon . is it ok to send it saudi airline cargo at JFK , NY. & how long does it take & how muchyour total price with ship.

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