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Log SplitterContinuing our (unplanned) series on labor-saving devices for lazy urban yardworkers (like us), we give you Fisch’s 12″ x 20″ log splitter.

For those of you who’ve never used a log splitter before, the concept is simple; load a log into the l shaped channel, switch it on, and the 2 hp motor delivers up to 4 tons of force to a slide that pushes the log forward into a V shaped wedge splitting the log in two.

Mounted atop wheels for easy transport from your patio to your wood pile, it can split logs up to 20″ long and 12″ in diameter. For added safety, the splitter has a two handed activation system.

Now you can turn that tree you removed this summer into firewood without breaking your back.  And that’ll save you the embrassment of having to pay $9.99 for three logs tied together in plastic wrap at the grocery store this winter.

Electric Log Splitter [Ficsh Precision Tools]


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  1. R.L. Reynolds says:

    Looking for a copy of the owner’s manual for the Fisch Mortiser with 3/4hp motor. Can you help????
    Dick Reynolds

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