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post-instructables1.jpgBrianH over at Instructables offered up a slick article recently on how to disassemble your existing cordless tool battery pack and replace the NiCd cells with NiMH cells for longer run time.

Though you’ll need to do your own research and be careful as many cordless tool kits these days include “smart chargers” that are tailored to a specific combination of battery composition and capacity, that’s a hurdle you can easily overcome — especially considering that (as BrianH dutifully points out) the cost of replacement batteries is often 80% the cost of the whole kit.  Of course, this tutorial could also be used to re-cell your existing pack with replacement NiCds of equal or greater capacity as well. 

Cordless Drill — Improving The Battery [Instructables]


3 Responses to Rejuvinating Your Cordless Tool Battery Packs

  1. joe says:

    not the correct site. give an error message

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Joe: Sorry — it looks it’s no longer up. This was a post from a while back.

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