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Irwin's Bi-Metal Blue BladeA utillity knife finds its way into quite a few of our projects, and quite a few utility knife blades have found their way into fingers and hands when the blade breaks.  That is, until a friend of ours (who, because of his last job, used to use utility knives way more than is healthy) turned us on to bi-metal blades, like these released by Irwin a few years ago.

Bi-metal refers to the manufacture of the blades from a unique material combining the best of two metals electro-welded together: a high speed steel cutting edge electron beam welded to a flexible alloy body. What this means in layman’s terms is that the blades bend, not break, when too much force is applied.

Irwin goes a bit further, claiming that their Blue Blades are “virtually unbreakable” (with the note beside them “under normal use”).  After a bit field testing, we have this to say: while we had no real trouble breaking them, it was more difficult than other blades we’ve tried.

The Blue Blade system also tended not to splinter or shatter upon breakage.  So, if you’re a splinter magnet — like we are — it’s worth the extra dollar or two for these blades.

Bi-Metal Blue Blade [Irwin]


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  1. Matt says:

    These blades are expensive and don’t seem to last any longer than the blades I usually buy. Not sure why they say they are unbreakable because I broke several althought not as easilly as others. They also seem to “walk” when I try to cut drywall becasue the blade flexes so much. Has anyone tried the new drywall specific blades from Stanley yet? I’ve been meaning to try them but am afraid it’s just marketing hype. I always use the regualr Stanley blades and have no problems with them. Why mess with a good thing?

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