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Winged WeederCreative Enterprises believes that the best way to make weeding less time consuming and difficult is to flatten and sharpen the the head of a garden hoe and make it into a delta shaped wing, then extend the handle and sharpen it for easy cutting power during gardening. 

They call the result of all this the Winged Weeder — a labor saving tool that replaces the common hoe and other gardening tools. Its features and the tasks it can perform hint at the thought behind the shape and construction.  They claim it:

  • reduces back pain from hacking and chopping
  • aerates soil and cuts weeds at the same time
  • makes clean, straight furrows and cuvers seeds
  • makes a superb ice scraper, where its sharp, thin blade cuts beneath the ice and loosens it for easy removal
  • keeps you off your hands and knees with its long handle

Winged Weeding toolCreative Enterprises has an entire line of these multipurpose specailty tools for use around the home garden. They can be found at most hardware stores and the web for prices starting around $18. 

The Winged Weeder [Creative Enterprises]


One Response to Winged Weeder: Weeding Takes Flight

  1. Sullen70 says:

    It seems you still have to deal with the task of swinging the modified hoe, hopefully hitting your target, walking away with blisters and tired wrists. Save the modding effort, drop $23+/- at your local garden shop, and get Grampa’s Weeder – http://www.grampasweeder.com/ It will make you want to weed.

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