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Weed HoundYes — more weeding tools.  Can you tell that we recently began the summer long fight for control over the lawn with weeds?  The big trick to weeding is really to get the root. While chemical weed killers are useful, sometimes you just still need to manually spot weed the more stubborn of these backyard trespassers.

There’s a certain amount of stooping and yanking required when manually pulling weeds.  Being lazy, we went looking for a no bending, low muscle approach. We found Hound Dogs’ “Weed Hound” at our local home and gardening center for around $20.

The operation is quite simple.  Place the tool over the center of the weed and step down on the foot bar. Steel tines enter the ground to grab the weed and root.  Lift the weed out and tap on the clearing plunger to eject the weed.

We found the Weed Hound is not really useful for large weeding of say, a garden, but is quite effective at removing small numbers of large stubborn weeds in your lawn without tearing up your grass. It also saves you the use of hardier industrial chemicals around your home.

Any home gardening center will carry this tool or one very similar, though careful shopping might save you $5 off the price above.

The Weed Hound [Hound Dog]


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