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Stainless Steel Sandpaper.jpgThe next generation of sandpaper sands 9 times faster and lasts 30 times longer than conventional sandpaper. The twist: it’s not paper at all, but steel. Microplane’s new Stainless Steel Sandpaper, made from 400 Series Stainless, cuts a razor thin layer of wood instead of scraping like the traditional method.

The 5” stainless steel disc mounts to a traditional disc sander with hook and loop velcro style backing and cuts a thin layer of wood with many small razor sharp teeth, which provides a smoother finish as well as a quicker overall sand time. Since the teeth are cutting instead of scraping, the new sanding system requires less pressure and delivers more precision, with a wider effective sanding area.

Currently it appears that the system is intended exclusively for hardwoods as clogging issues arise with sap-heavy wood such as pine. Microplane says, however, that the next design release will solve this issue and allow use on softer woods as well.

Microplane’s stainless sanding system is widley available in course, medium, and fine grit in 2 packs, 10 packs, or contractor packs starting at $9.99.

Stainless Steel Sandpaper [Microplane.com]


One Response to The Next Generation of Sand Paper: Paperless

  1. JoshMaz says:

    I got a set of these last Christmas, and I thought it sounded like a great idea. We use tools from these guys in the kitchen and they work great, so I was pretty excited to move them into the wood-shop. Well, maybe I’m doing something wrong (like using them on too soft of a wood) but my experience has been less than inspiring. They seem to be doing an OK job, but I’ve been getting faster and smoother results from good ole’ fashioned sandpaper. Be careful handling these disks too, because if you bend one of the blades in storage it will surly leave tell-tale spirals the next time you try sanding with them. We jumped on these products early, so maybe Microplane has made some improvements since the first version. I will keep a tentative eye on them in the future.

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