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post-dremelgg.jpgWhen you think of craft tools, you can’t help but think of Dremel.  (And if you don’t already own one of their rotary tools, now’s the time.)  But were you aware that they make a glue gun?

Featuring dual temperature settings, a work light, an on-off switch (don’t laugh — look for one on your cheapie glue gun), LED indicator lights to indicate “on” and “ready” status, a soft-grip handle, a built-in kickstand, and a silicon tip (as opposed to metal in order to prevent accidental burns), Dremel’s glue gun may just be the most feature-laden glue gun on the market.

It starts at around $25 (street), so just think of it as the buying the Cadillac of glue guns for $15 more than the Yugo.

Glue Gun [Dremel]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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