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Ideal PowerbladeCutting cable is rarely ever a fun or easy task, but the PowerBlade makes it a bit simpler by using gear reduction to multiply the torque from your cordless drill and drive pincers to cut cable with the drill’s muscle instead of yours.

The PowerBlade unit mounts to almost any 3/8 inch portable power drill — a tool we suspect can be found in almost any shop. Once mounted it provides the needed force to cleanly slice through up to 750 MCM hard-drawn copper cables or up to 1,000 MCM aluminum cable with minimal cable distortion.

The minimum requirement for this cutting attachment is a 12-volt drill system when using it with a cordless drill.  (You can use it with corded drills as well.)  However, as we have found in our cordless drill comparison article, not all cordless drills are created equal. So your results may vary with lower torque drills.

Price plays a factor with the PowerBlade as well. Its sticker price of $562.50 at mytoolstore.com (the lowest price we found) might keep the PowerBlade Cable Cutter out of a few toolboxes.

PowerBlade Drill-Powered Cable Cutter [Ideal Industries]
PowerBlade Drill-Powered Cable Cutter [mytoolstore.com]
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