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post-maxax.jpgDesigned primarily for 4×4 enthusiasts, the Max Ax is a composite axe handle with multiple fittings allowing it to be quickly converted to a pick, hoe, shovel, mattock, rake, or (of course) axe.  According to Forrest Tool (its manufacturer), the Max Ax:

…is the ultimate emergency preparedness tool to be carried as standard equipment on four wheel drive and off road vehicles and pickups.  It incorporates seven basic hand tools into one compact and versatile unit based on a 3-1/2 pound Hudson Bay-style ax with a virtually unbreakable 36″ composite polyglass handle.

It ships with a cordura case to hold all its various implements, and it can be mounted to several locations inside or outside your 4×4, or it can be carried on a pack or belt when hiking.  Forrest Tool suggests that the Ax is also useful for sportsmen, campers, search and rescue teams, law enforcement, fire fighters, and even contractors.

The Max Ax is available for $189.95 individually, or $179.95 each in orders of two or more direct.

The Max Ax [Forrest Tool Company]


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