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post-lentek.jpgWe’d forgotten about this handy item (which we received for Christmas last year) until a power outage last night caused us to pull it out of the nightstand drawer for use.  The Dynamo requires no batteries and provides 30 minutes of light from its three (very bright) LEDs with a one minute crank of its internal generator.

Maybe more importantly, ours still had enough charge to light the room up when the last time we’d cranked it we were sitting in front of the Christmas tree.  Wow.

Though we don’t know where our (thoughtful) gift giver purchased it — and we’re too polite to ask — we did find it listed for $20 on Shopping.com.  There are a number of similar lights available from a variety of sources, and they can easily be found with a quick Google search.

The Lentek FD01C Dynamo Tri-LED Flashlight [Shopping.com]


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