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post-feinmm.jpgGerman tool company Fein offers this unusual tool which they claim can cut, grind, raso, sand, plunge, and scrape. 

Our first thought was that this looks very much like any other detail sander notwithstanding the addition of some pretty creative attachments.  Indeed, in the Fein website’s FAQ they admit that the MultiMaster evolved from their detail sander and that the new attachments will retrofit to the older sander.

As skeptical as we are, we were surprised to find a number of positive reviews PDFed up for download at the Fein site.  A number of reputable publications have found applications for the tool, and spoke well of it.

The MultiMaster comes in five variations:

  1. the MultiMaster XL — the largest kit with “most popular accessories,” including a carbide rasp, polishing pad, profile sanding kit, grout blade, segment saw blade, universal E-cut blade, scraper blade, hook & loop sanding pad, metal carrying case, and screw set, which lists for $436
  2. the MultiMaster RS — a smaller set which deletes the polishing pad and profile sanding kit and lists for $326
  3. the MultiMaster Start – a smaller set yet which further deletes the carbide rasp, grout blade, and segment saw, listing for $227
  4. the Cordless MultiMaster — a cordless version of the “Start” kit powered by a 9.6v NiCd battery and listing for $499
  5. and the Pneumatic MultiMaster — an air-powered version including the hook & loop sanding pad, segment saw blade, and scraper blade, listing for $291

(A detailed product comparison is available here.)

A quick jaunt over to Froogle showed that street pricing for the MultiMaster is a bit lower than list with the Start kit leading off around $165, yet this still seems awfully expensive for what it is. 

The MultiMaster [Fein]


4 Responses to The Fein MultiMaster

  1. Pat McCartney says:

    Fein Multimaster is without a dought an indespenceable tool for many projects. It gets into places where no other tool can. It saves you time,and pain. The only draw back if the budget doesn’t permit, is the cost of the tool,and most of all the blades. three wood cutting blades in a pack can run you $70.00. A diamond grout blade $90.00. I’m not well to do, but I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. Tom says:

    I love my multimaster. Everytime I think it does it all I end up buying another attachment and doing more. I made the mistake of starting off with the basic kit, but now I have almost everything. I use it most for tile and trim work but I always take it with me when I go work on my boat. I put a solar panel on my boat last month and used it to trim out the facing. looks professional and I am definitly not one!!! 🙂
    it asked for a website so I put http://www.tylertool.com. That is where I got my multimaster and who I call when I have questions on attachments or general uses. They are great. They ship fast and never had any issues.

  3. Rick says:

    I recently purchased a house that was in need of renovations in more places than one for sure. I seen all the hype about the Fein MultiMaster and got a bit curious. I’m usually not the one to fall for pitches on commercials or home & Garden centers but after watching a demo with this tool I said, what the heck and went for it. The thing I noticed about this tool is that it cant really replace tools specially made for a specific job but it always manages to save the day. I don’t go to work in any room without it. It performs in places were you need it the most, hard to reach places or in places were you need to do detail work. The Sanding attachment are awesome! actually all the attachments are awesome! I love this tool. I’m not afraid to tackle any job now, wood , metal or even tiles or stone with the right blades its all goin to be just “Fein”. Knowing that if get into a tight spot the Fein will be here to save the day.

  4. Kyle says:

    Yes this is a great tool, its alittle pricy but well worth it.

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