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post-tomcat.jpgWe give a hearty thumbs-up to LiftMaster for publishing this great little garage door safety coloring book on their website.  Almost everyone has a garage door opener, yet we often forget that when used incorrectly they can hurt children, pets, and, yes, your car.

Some of the points made in the coloring book:

  • “Garages are for cars… not for kids.”
  • “When you play, stay out of the way.”
  • “Grownups park in the garage… Kids play in the yard.”
  • and most importantly of all, “You can’t win a race with the garage door.”

Thanks to LiftMaster for thinking of kids and pets.  Now who’ll step up to make a garage door safety drinking game to keep adults from closing the door on their Hummers?

Seriously, though, if you have kids and a garage door opener, you might want to grab a copy.  They’re free.

TomCat Discovers Garage Door Opener Safety [PDF: LiftMaster]


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