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post-aluminumwrench.jpgHere’s a great idea we came across when doing some plumbing work this weekend and thought we’d share: cast aluminum pipe wrenches.  They’re 40% lighter than the cast iron wrenches you’ve used forever, which is great when you’re weilding one above your head.

The one we saw was the Vise-Grip (read: Irwin) model, which comes in 10″ to 48″ sizes and starts around $30.  However, numerous companies make them.  That’s about twice as expensive as an old iron model, but then again we’re only talking about $15 or so (in common sizes).  It’s worth a look.

Vise-Grip Cast Aluminum Pipe Wrenches [Irwin]
Aluminum Pipe Wrenches [Froogle]


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