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post-hookandpick.jpgMost folks hate going to the dentist. We, on the other hand, rather enjoy it.  Why, you ask?  It’s his tools.  In this case, a hook and pick set.

Those little hand tools that the DDS is using to scrape your pearly whites — ok, not the exact same ones, but similar — are also life savers in the shop.  For example: use the angled pick to fish out an o-ring, or use the hook tool to pull a wire through a dash.  (We’ve done this many a time.) We’ve even used these tools to help fix watches and cell phones.

$14.99 buys you a nice SK set via Sears.com. They’ve also got a Craftsman set that goes for a bit less, and, of course, you can find them even cheaper elsewhere.

Be warned, though; you’ll be looking for jobs around the shop just as an excuse to use these little wonder tools. Oh, and be sure to thank your dentist for us.

SK 4 Pc Hook and Pick Set [Sears]


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