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post-shoptowels.jpgSometimes we get so involved in telling you about exciting high-tech tools that we forget to mention the simple tools that form the core of our shop.  A good shop towel is often the first tool we reach for when starting a job and the last tool we clean up with when done.

They’re good for wiping down tools, wiping the sweat off the ol’ brow, cleaning the shop counters, dusting off tool cabinets, and even using as a mat for organizing small parts when dis/assembling a small- to medium-sized project.  In terms of usefulness, shop towels rank right up there with our favorite set of metric wrenches.

If you spend any kind of time in a shop (mechanical, metal, wood, whatever), do yourself a favor and keep a supply of shop towels.  The best part:  for less than $2 you can score a roll of 55 sheets that should last quite some time. And if it matters to you, they’re made in the USA.

Scott Shop Towels [Kimberly-Clark]


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