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post-crescent.jpgWe grew up calling adjustable wrenches “Crescent wrenches,” though for what it’s worth we also grew up calling sodas “Cokes” and facial tissue “Kleenex.”  So there you go.

Anyway, with Crescent being such an established brand, we’re stunned that we missed this product release a while back.  Crescent’s R2 RapidRench has two angle-toothed jaws that can be adjusted in and out to grab pretty much any bolt (or other similar object) between 1/4″ and 7/8″ in size.  Once they’re adjusted in, they act pretty much like the standard ratchet in your socket set now.  Crescent describes it as “38 sockets and more in a single tool.”

We figure you’ll have to use the same caution using this tool as you would in using an adjustable (er, Crescent) wrench — rounded-off bolts are bad news — but it looks like a great tool to own.

The Crescent R2 RapidRench [Crescent/Cooper Hand Tools]


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