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Milton Tools: 4 -1 Tire Valve Stem Repair ToolIf you have ever broken a valve stem on your vehicle, you know that it can cost you a trip to your local tire center — and an afternoon of waiting. Milton Industries’ “4 in 1 Valve Stem Repair Tool” can offer some help.

This little tool, as the name implies, can be found pulling 4 different duties; rethreading both the inside and outside of the stem, plus inserting, tightening and removing the valve core.

At $1.07 at dodgetopia it hardly breaks the bank. It might be worth your Saturday afternoon to have one in the repair kit.

Valve Stem Repair Tool [Dodgetopia]


One Response to Valve Stem Repair: Stem the Flow

  1. anonymous says:

    Plus removing someone’s valve cores is a nondestructive alternative to slashing their tires. It’s not quite as quick, but the look on their face when they get a compressor hooked up and re-air the tire, only to have it all come whooshing back out when they remove the air chuck…

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