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Covallis GazetteThough you can often help along your home’s external appearance with gardening tools, if you are like us you might be a bit overwhelmed when it comes to tool selection and knowing what you might need to get the job done this year.

Mark Bloom, lover of tools and gardening, conveys some hard-won wisdom on the subject of gardening hood tools in this article from the Corvallis Gazzette-Times.

Our crowded shed is filled with gadgets both old and new. Longtime favorite shovels, their worn handles showing the effects of hard labor, hang neatly (thanks to my organized spouse) alongside newer rakes and truly ancient hoes.

To help others avoid this painful learning curve, I’ve asked a few professionals to share which tools they prefer, both at work and in their home gardens.

We haven’t thought much about backyard tool selection, so this article proved to be useful insight for us.  There’s a lot more to gardening tool selection than we’d considered.

When the next gardening hand tool purchase is at hand — like, say, now —  do your research and pick the tools that will help you most. Learn to maintain them; it’ll help both in longevity of the tools and the effectiveness of their use.

Weed Like Pros Gazette [Covallis Gazette]


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