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Gearwrench socket setIf you’ve ever changed the oil in your car yourself, then you are familiar with the “find the plug in the pan” game. With that in mind, consider the Gearwrench Magnetic Oil Drain Socket Set.

The set features a six point, magnetic socket core to hold the drain plug and save your hands a  hot oil bath. In case your hands are already a bit on the dirty side, Gearwrench has also included a kurled ring on the socket for easy removal and installation. The sockets will fit any 3/8″ standard socket set as well as 3/8″ Gearwrench brand handles. The set contains metric sizes (13mm – 19mm) for oil drain applications.

Gearwrench Brand Tools [website]
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One Response to Oil Change: Drain Without the Pain

  1. shawn says:

    I bought a set of magnets from sears, that are sized to fit in the bottom of your regular sockets. That is what I use when I change my oil, but they are also useful for getting bolts into holes with out dropping the bolt. These appear to be the same principal, but less useful. The magnets I got don’t attach themselves to anything else, but the bolt or the nut, in the socket. They don’t pull your tool towards the closest piece of metal. These sockets also look like they are bigger diameter, so you can grab turn them by hand easier. That makes them appear to be less useful.

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