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pliers.jpgOk, we normally don’t cover sewing tools here, but this one was just way too useful in the shop to pass up.  With this $15 tool, you can apply a variety of snap fasteners to all sorts of materials.

We picked it up to add a couple of snaps to a laptop bag that just didn’t want to work as advertised.  (More details here.)  However, we’re planning on using it to replace a busted snap on a convertible boot as well as to create a number of tool covers.  We can think of all kinds of uses for this around the shop and home.

You can find this at most sewing stores locally, and it’s available for $15 + shipping from Jo-Ann.com (below).

And if any of your frends give you trouble about buying sewing gear, tell them to stick it.

Dritz Gripper Plier Kit for Assorted Snaps [Jo-Ann]


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