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folding-ladder.jpgThe concept of a “multi-function folding ladder” sounds great.  There are a couple of them on the market, and the ads make it look like the ultimate way to get at that 16′ light in the family room while still folding up for easy storage.

We have on occasion used these aluminum digit crushers, and we can offer this advice: pass on it.  Really.

It’s not that the multi-folding ladder is a bad idea; it’s that the locks are difficult to operate. When released, more often than not, they bring the other side slamming together with a loud click, signifying the lock re-engaging. It can be more than a little frustrating.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


One Response to The Folding Ladder: When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Pinch Your Fingers

  1. Erik says:

    I bought the Werner version at Costco, and was immediately aware of the ‘pinch factor’.
    After using it with a 2×12 cut to 100″ as a scaffolding, I could not be happier with it. This enabled me to safely work in a tight room over large distances securing, plastering and painting.
    This is recommended for the experianced DIY people out there.

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