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Irwin Quickgrip XP one Handed ClampIrwin Industrial tools released a one-handed clamp/spreader. Here’s the feature list from their website;

  • Patented POWER LOCKS™ hold more pressure, longer. Provides 550 lbs of one-handed force (900 lbs of two-handed force)
  • I-Beam bar resists twisting and bowing allowing maximum force to be applied
  • QUICK-RELEASE™ trigger for non-explosive pressure release
  • QUICK-CHANGE™ jaw converts quickly into a spreader
  • 3 foot throat depth accommodates larger workpieces
  • Non-marring pads grip securely and protect workpiece finish

The Irwin XP Quick Grip clamp line ranges in sizes from 3 inches to 3 feet. The 3-foot model seems quite useful for any small to medium-sized carpentry job. We found these products all over the web with the best deals (as of this moment) found at pricegrabber.

Irwin XP Quickgrip Line [Irwin Industrial tools]
Irwin XP QuickGrip prices [Pricegrabber page]


One Response to Irwin XP Quick Grip Spreader/Clamp

  1. Matt says:

    These things seem to squeeze pretty good but they are slow. Each time you squeeze the handle the bar barely advances. This may not seem like a big deal until you are trying to position and reposition them over and over again. I like having more clamping force but I think Iwrin sacrificed travel for force. They’re expensive too and a lot heavier. I’ll stick with my old ones.

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