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post-hitachirouter.jpgHitachi Koki recently released a new line of plunge routers all featuring a unique new design.  According to Hitachi:

Thanks to the Hitachi’s unique design, the inertia moment of the armature — that is an element for increasing the cutting efficiency — is increased and top-in-class cutting speed is obtained.

Ok, we worked that over a little bit as it was clearly mechanically translated from another language.  Trust us, the meaning is the same.

New models in the line include the M12V2 (1/2″ w/variable speed), the M12SA2 (1/2″ single speed), the M8V2 (1/4″ w/variable speed), and the M8SA2 (1/4″ single speed).

We can’t find street pricing yet for these units, but we’re going to bet they’re priced along the same lines as the current models.

Hitachi’s New Routers [Hitachi]


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  1. I just picked up one of these (and hurt my back!Ah) they are heavy!
    I got one to use in a router table. I already owned the tr12 and enjoyed its power and heaft but it was missing to many important features to use in a router table, such as vareable speed and a good hight adjustment system.
    All these issues apear to be addresed in the m12.

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