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Pops-A-Dent from SimonizThis is not a new product by any means, having made the rounds on the infomercial circuit and the web over the last few years. The first reaction to this product is generally a hardy snort and a channel change.

Then one of our friends purchases one and claims it is a miracle of modern science.

Well, after seeing one work and trying to remove several dents out of the rear panels of a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, we have this to say (after the jump). 

The POPS-A-DENT do it yourself system is not a miracle; however, it does perform a useful service, in a limited fashion. We found that small rounded dents, say about the size of a tennis ball, would indeed pop back out just as on TV. The same goes with very shallow large dents, say the size of a soccer ball.

The POPS-A-DENT system’s fatal flaw appears when the dent is irregularly shaped. If the suction cups cannot pull evenly across the entirety of the dent one of two things happens: either the adhesive on the suction cup gives way and the entire system falls off in your hands, or the dent pulls partway out and creates a crease in the metal that is difficult to remove.

So, if you have a roundish dent — not too deep and not too big — then this system might save you some money.  Otherwise it’s time to start saving for the body shop.

Pops-A-Dent [Simoniz]


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