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Performance ToolsIf you’re doing any serious automotive suspension work, you’re eventually going to find yourself in need of a tie rod/ball joint separator.  It’s essentially a big wedged fork that you drive between the ball and socket to disconnect them.   You can buy them individually, but the best way to fill this need is to pick up a kit with all the different sizes so you have them on hand.  Unfortunately, many of those kits are quite expensive.

This one from Performance Tools seems to hit your wallet the least while still being a complete set. We found it selling for $36.75 at mytoolstore.com. It features 5 different sizes and will separate most types of Pitman Arms, tie rods & ball joints found on automotive and light truck applications.

Peformance Tool Tie Rod, Ball Joint & Coil Spring Compressor Set [mytoolstore.com]


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  1. shawn says:

    If you are a DIY mechanic, this is one of those tools that you will you once. I picked up a 5 piece set like this at the local Advance auto parts store. They have a loner tool program, where you pay a deposit on a tool or set of tools, & when you return it you get you money back. It worked well, & it was free after I returned it & got my 35.00 deposit back. It was free, & doesn’t take up space in my tool chest. Other parts stores probably offer loner tools also, ask. It is always easier to do a job with the right tool.

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