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v28 PowerIt is no secret that Milwaukee Tools has come out with the V28™ line of cordless power tools. You’re probably thinking, “great, more power on my drill or flashlight.” Good stuff, right?

That’s just the start. Up until now, most cordless circular saws have been seriously impractical — a great idea but not enough battery and not enough grunt.  Milwaukee hopes to remedy that with the V28™ Cordless Woodcutting Circular Saw, which they claim is made for work and is every bit as capable as the “old reliable” you have wrapped in its cord in the corner.  More after the jump. Milwaukee says: 

The V28™ Cordless Woodcutting Circular Saw is the industry’s most powerful cordless saw ever produced. This revolutionary saw has the most power of any cordless saw on the market. Nothing can top the performance of this tool in terms of speed of cutting or overall run time. In addition, this saw comes standard with tactile grips for even more control while cutting. The lightweight magnesium guards reduce unnecessary weight without compromising operation. The high strength aircraft aluminum shoe resists bending for accuracy and dependability.

Why waste time with extension cords and generators when the V28™ Cordless Circular Saw is ready to go right now. No more downtime with cut cords or cords to trip on while working in precarious locations. The V28™ provides the power of a corded tool with none of the added problems. The V28™ Circular Saw is only one of the many new V28™ products now available from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

We have to agree. The saw alone and the kit are available at major hardware locations, but to get the best you are going to have to shop a bit.  We found the kit from shop.com to be about par pricewise.  At $369.99, it includes:

  • the V28™ Cordless Woodcutting Circular Saw
  • two 28V batteries
  • a one-hour charger
  • a carrying case
  • a circular saw blade rip fence
  • an allen key

The V28 Cordless Woodcutting Circular Saw [Milwaukee]
V28 Cordless Woodcutting Curcular Saw Kit [shop.com]


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