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Black & Decker recently released their new “Alligator Lopper,” an electric chainsaw for cutting and pruning branches up to 4″ in diameter. 

The ‘Lopper’s clamping jaws make it possible to “grab and cut in one easy motion.”  With a 6″ bar length and a 4.5A motor, the ‘Lopper isn’t an incredible standout as a chainsaw alone, but the original design appears to be significantly easier and safer to use than most chainsaws in pruning tasks.

Black & Decker suggests that the unit would be great not only for pruning, but also for cleanup after windstorms/hurricanes.  Let’s hope there’s not as big a market for that next season, yeah?

Street pricing starts around $100.

The Alligater Lopper(tm) [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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