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Delta and Porter Cable would like to help you figure out how to place their tools in your shop by offering their new online shop designer.  According to Delta:

The Shop Designer application displays a top-down view of a workshop with dimensions that you specify. Top-down illustrations of PORTER-CABLE® and DELTA MACHINERY® tools and accessories are available to drag and drop in to your workshop. You can create and save different workshops and retrieve them later for further modification. Browse through various PORTER-CABLE® and DELTA MACHINERY® tools and accessories and view detailed information to find the perfect product. If you already know the model number of a specific PORTER-CABLE® and DELTA MACHINERY® tool and/or accessory, you can do a model number search of that product and it will be placed in your floor plan for you.

It looks pretty interesting, though we were sort of surprised to note that it requires you designate a shop of at least 16 ft. in length and 12 feet in width.

Anyway, it’s definitely fun to play with, and it might be useful to you if you have a larger shop and have (or plan to have) a lot of Delta/Porter Cable tools.

Shop Designer Announcement [Delta]
Shop Designer Application [Delta]


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